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Nata Haus

Pasteis de Nata - the name says it all. Being Portuguese living in Germany, we had the vision of selling these delicious and unique pastries abroad for many years. Sharing and promoting such a cultural trademark is a huge responsibility to us leading and committing ourselves to provide you the best original Pastel de Nata that you can find in Frankfurt.

The crispiness of the puff pastry added to the deliciously rich cream create the perfect combination to enjoy any time of the day.


History of

Pasteis de Nata

These exquisite Portuguese Custard tarts go all the way back to the 18th century. The nuns at the monasterys used egg whites as starch to iron the clothes, leading to a huge amount of yolk leftovers. At the time, yolks were used for cakes and pastries, a tradition that remains alive until now.

The creation of "Pasteis de Nata" is attributed to the Catholic monks at the Jerónimos Monastery in Belém, Lisbon. They attempted to generate the much-needed revenue by selling them to tourists visiting the Monastery and Belém Tower.

typical portuguese egg tart pastel de na
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